Dennis Alcapone - Forever Version

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

1971, Studio One

  1. Nanny Version

  2. Run Run

  3. Riddle I This

  4. Baby Version

  5. Sunday Version

  6. Version I Can Feel

  7. Forever Version

  8. Baby Why Version

  9. Dancing Version

  10. Midnight Version

Forever Version, as the 2nd deejay LP (correct me if I am wrong but I believe it is), follows the exact same formula as U-Roy’s "Version Galore" – classic rocksteady riddims, plenty of the original vocal track coming through, and energetic old-style toasting. The key difference between Version Galore and Forever Version is that the riddims on this set come from Studio One – Carlton & The Shoes, Delroy Wilson, The Heptones and so on. If you already like Studio One classics you will certainly enjoy this record. And if you don't like Studio One classics yet, here is your gateway into that era. Unlike most reggae heads I started from 80's deejays and worked backwards from there, and this is the LP that introduced me to some of my favourite tunes - you can probably glean it from the titles but here we are presented Run Run, Baby, Sunday Coming, Love I Can Feel and Love Me Forever. All of which would probably rank in my top ten rocksteady tunes.

Dennis Alcapone is the deejay from this era who hits closest to the original U-Roy style (next closest is U Brown starting in the mid 70's) and it is just a wonderful treat for any early toasting fan to have more of it to listen to, especially with the lack of follow-up albums in that style from U-Roy himself in the early 70s (total tally, one). Alcapone still has his own spin on the style, it's more melodic (many pick him as the first ‘singjay’), there's more wailing in the high register, and uhh, well, otherwise it's about the same but hey, Studio One, am I right?? Anyway this record is good. "Just look at the cover picture and trust me"...

My picks: Run Run, Sunday Version, Forever Version

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