I-Roy - Hell & Sorrow

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

1973, Trojan Records

  1. Deep & Heavy

  2. Trouble Man

  3. Sugar Candy

  4. Monkey Fashion

  5. Black & Prude

  6. Medley Mood

  7. Ja Lion Jungle

  8. Forward Ia

  9. Buck And The Preacher

  10. Dr. Phibbs

  11. African Descendant

  12. Call On I

Some people pick “Presenting I. Roy” as I-Roy’s magnum opus, in my opinion this record – his sophomore – deserves the title. Both are excellent and if you hear one you must hear the other, but I believe that the tunes on this set are on the whole more memorable, more cohesive, a bit better thought out. Production responsibilities handed over from Gussie to I-Roy himself on this one which is something he would often keep up throughout his prolific 70's. I-Roy's abstract & rhythmically extravagant deejaying style has the potential to make tunes confusing to follow and difficult to remember. The key is to have a tune that actually has something to do with the riddim it's done upon and immediately Deep & Heavy pulls it off perfectly. From there it's all about good riddims and good lyrics and with I-Roy in his prime it is no surprise that Hell & Sorrow delivers. Especially the second half has some killer riddims, be sure to check out the tune Dr. Phibbs, an alternate take of his tune Sidewalk Killer which was out the year prior and later became one of I-Roy's best-known tunes after becoming the opening track to the compilation set "Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff". In my opinion edging out the original with some more intense delivery. In fear of feeling that I might have undersold this record I want to finish this page off with the highest recommendations, this album is the cream of the crop for 70's deejaying, definitely a must-listen!!

My picks: Deep & Heavy, Ja Lion Jungle, Forward Ia, Dr. Phibbs

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